Healthy Heroes

healthyherosRotary New Horizons has teamed up with Banks Avenue Primary school to the Healthy Heroes programme. Watch this page for how our journey unfolds.

We know what you’re thinking… “Yeah, yeah – I know I’m supposed to eat better and exercise and stuff. But doing ‘the right thing’ is such a pain!!!” And it can be — if it’s just you doing it. But what if your whole class or family does it with you? Then it might even be fun!

Healthy Heroes is a fun 9-week programme where teachers, parents and kids build healthy habits to last  for the next 90 years!

The aim is to learn better ways to do the five things that make the biggest difference in people’s lives:

eating  |  exercising  |   sleeping  |   thinking   |  helping others

Hundreds of kids have already become Healthy Heroes – we want to see more – and we want them to be from Banks Avenue Primary School!

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE PROGRAMME: or view this Heathy Heroes information flyer.