Christchurch 360 Trail

360TrailColin Meurk joined us on October 14 to talk about the Christchurch 360 Trail. He spearheaded the project from the beginning and has put years into this project, an idea that is now a reality and there for everyone to enjoy.

What is the Christchurch 360 Trail?

TrailMapThe Christchurch 360 Trail showcases the wonderful diversity of Christchurch, featuring not just the flora and fauna but also historical, architectural, and cultural aspects of Christchurch. It is approximately 130km long, encircling the city of Christchurch, New Zealand.

A variety of Rotary Clubs have helped in many different ways to develop this wonderful way of appreciating the environment around us; Rotary New Horizons recently helped to mark out a part of the trail.

Christchurch-1200-ReutersThe trail is divided into stages and you can do some or … like Colin … all of the trail over a few days. Along the way you can see a range of flora and fauna and some amazing views, as well as some quirky things you would otherwise not have seen, or stopped to appreciate.

Check out the website for more information, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.