Christchurch New Horizons Rotary

Christchurch New Horizons Rotary was chartered following the series of devastating earthquakes that impacted the Canterbury region during 2010 and 2011. New Horizons Rotary is designed to cater to active career professionals and business owners who are looking for the opportunity to help in the community, while at the same time providing a forum for professional development and business networking. With a diverse mix of cultures, ages and expertise, New Horizons is taking a leading role in changing the face of Rotary in the District.

The Leadership Team

No organisation or not for profit entity can successfully achieve its objectives without strong and effective leadership. Providing leadership opportunities also aligns with one of our key objectives; to enhance the professional development of our members. Our leadership team bring to Rotary an extensive range of skills and experience.

Marg Lyons President 2022-2023

Melissa Ronayne  Past President 2021-2022

Deborah Allan  Administrator 2022-2023

Shirish Paranjape  Finance Leader 2022-2023 

Role Definitions

Club president

  • Incorporate the RI theme for the year
  • Help define objectives for each leadership role and check on progress
  • Hold regular club assemblies
  • Prepare for the dg’s official visit and support his / her plan of action
  • Preside at all club meetings
  • Prepare for and preside over all leadership meetings
  • Support those in leadership roles
  • Liaise with the outgoing president to ensure continuity
  • Liaise with the leadership team, team leads, the ag, the dg
  • Attend rotary cluster meetings
  • Be available to every member of the club at all times.
  • Maintain a flexible approach within the requirements of the role.
  • Encourage members to create and champion projects and consider adopting the role of project manager for their choice of project.
  • Respond to the day-to-day needs of the club.
  • Keep the periscope up to ensure engagement and retention of all members
  • Arrange relevant website updates

Immediate past club president

  • Step into the role of club president in his / her absence
  • Attend and contribute to leadership meetings to ensure continuity
  • Ensure a smooth transition at the end of his/her year in office
  • Liaise with the membership leader to buddy and mentor new members and provide them with information about rotary and the club.
  • Arrange relevant website updates

President elect

  • Attend all required president elect training seminars (pets )
  • Assume responsibility for all club service activities (finance, administration, membership, pr, communications) and supervise and coordinate the work of the people appointed to these roles
  • Ensure the smooth and effective running of the club
  • Ensure the good health and operation of the club by working individually with the club leaders
  • Select the leadership team for the following year
  • Clarify goals for the following year
  • Work closely with the president to ensure a smooth transition at changeover
  • Be aware of the district conference date and encourage members to attend
  • Present information to the club as it becomes available
  • Keep the president informed on likely club members attending the conference
  • Co-ordinate any travel or accommodation needs for conference
  • Arrange relevant website updates

President nominee

  • Keep the club aware of rotary foundation; find ways to stimulate interest within the club in the global perspective
  • Create greater awareness of the rotary foundation at every opportunity
  • Participate in at least one rotary foundation activity – youth exchange, polio eradication, matching or helping grants for an international project, or community assistance grants, hosting or sponsoring an ambassadorial scholar
  • Arrange relevant website updates


  • Keep records of membership and report changes to ri
  • Update membership contact details
  • Record apologies and leaves of absence
  • Collect and disseminate incoming mail in a timely manner
  • Send out notices of meetings of the club, leadership team and any club teams
  • Set the agenda for the leadership team, record and preserve minutes
  • Work with the president and the president-elect to ensure the smooth running of board and team meetings.
  • Liaise with every member of the club, wherever possible, to share information.
  • Order rotary paraphernalia as required, pins, hats, ties, certificates, etc.
  • Ensure that the club is run in accordance with its bylaws
  • Arrange relevant website updates


  • Plan the budget and cash-flow
  • Manage the club’s financial affairs
  • Set annual club subscriptions
  • Invoice payments and receipt as required
  • Maintain the club’s xero financial system
  • Ensure members pay subscriptions, venue hire and any other costs on time
  • Follow up any late payments
  • Review venue hire costs in relation to increasing or decreasing membership and advise club members as relevant
  • Keep accurate financial club records
  • Take custody of all club funds and accounts monthly to the leadership team
  • Work with the club president and the board to ensure that proper accounts are kept and reported monthly.
  • Present a financial report to the leadership team monthly and report on progress against budget.
  • Arrange for audited accounts to be available at year-end.


  • Develop and lead a projects team
  • Initiate projects that cover rotary’s 4 avenues of service – community, vocational, international and youth
  • Increase member’s understanding and appreciation of the 4 avenues of service
  • Work with the leadership team to plan fundraising activities that support projects
  • Encourage members to create and champion community service projects and adopt the role of project manager of their choice.
  • Promote the benefits of rotary youth exchange within the community and actively seek local young people for outward exchanges
  • Research the needs of the international, schools and local community
  • Recommend qualified applicants for rotary youth leadership award
  • Plan projects that qualify for grants
  • Respond to funding requests
  • Arrange relevant website updates

Social Events

  • Promote fun, acquaintance and friendship among the members
  • Plan special events and activities
  • Promote participation by members and any visiting Rotarians
  • Welcome visiting Rotarians and guests
  • Promote Rotary friendship exchanges, Club to Club, District to District or country to country
  • Encourage members to create and champion projects that will enhance Club friendship
  • Work with the Projects Team to arrange post project social activities
  • Organise the end of year Changeover function in collaboration with the incoming and outgoing Club Presidents
  • Arrange relevant website updates


  • Develop a membership plan for the Club that looks at the needs of the community
  • Carry out due diligence about the future membership needs of the Club to serve identified needs.
  • Set annual membership targets
  • Follow up potential members who have been involved with student exchange, GSE, RYLA and Pride in Workmanship Award
  • Follow up with visitors to the club who are potential members
  • Welcome any members to the club on meeting night
  • Ensure a Membership Representative is present at club events and provide contact details and information for prospective members
  • Encourage all members to propose prospective members
  • Manage any public membership drives
  • Manage pre induction confidential conversations with potential members
  • Present a programme on membership development
  • Attract a wide membership demographic for the club
  • Keep alert to any specific retention problems and follow up with members who are consistently not seen at meetings or any club activities
  • Communicate to members the details of any prospective member and monitor responses
  • Assign a ‘mentor’ to new inductees
  • Establish formal induction dates and liaise with administration to purchase necessary pins and rotary collateral
  • Develop a new member induction pack (providing website links, payment options, leadership team details, information on Rotary and in particular New Horizons)
  • Encourage and promote good attendance by all Club members at all Rotary meetings and activities
  • Update the club membership list
  • Provide a membership to the Leadership Team monthly
  • Liaise with the PR Leader
  • Arrange relevant website updates

Public relations

  • Organise any public relations activities to promote New Horizons
  • Ensure club banners are visible at every new horizons community and fundraising event
  • Inform the community about New Horizons and Rotary in general
  • Secure publicity and news opportunities that have a strong human interest element and that are relevant to the community
  • Arrange photo opportunities and publication
  • Keep the media alerted to specific events and invite along where relevant
  • Liaise with the District Membership Leader
  • Send information on New Horizons events to Rotary Down Under for publication in the magazine

Speaking programme

  • Prepare and arrange a varied and informative community and professional programme
  • Design and balance these programmes to illustrate the four Avenues of Service in keeping with the mission and principles of Rotary
  • Invite and engage speakers and inform them on the subject matter and length of speech and question time
  • Use discretion to determine if speakers are simply after funds and advise of the limitations of sponsorship currently within New Horizons
  • E mail a friendly reminder sending a copy of any communications in which they are promoted;
  • Send an electronic letter of appreciation
  • Ensure a backup programme for emergencies
  • Source potential speakers through other clubs
  • Create opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration and partnership with other organisations.
  • Integrate the focus of specific Rotary months into the Club programme.
  • Work with the Social Events lead to ensure that there is plenty of scope within the programme for networking and fun.
  • Create a varied programme that stimulates interest in the Club’s activities and promotes attendance.



  • Identify annual fundraising needs
  • Establish a budget to meet the club’s funding needs
  • Consider and address any local laws when implementing fundraising projects
  • Determine the required people resources
  • Develop and lead an event committee
  • Confirm and communicate the event’s logistics (location, supplies, set up / tear down)
  • Develop a member duty roster to cover all needs
  • Liaise with the club’s PR Lead for publicity
  • Determine beforehand how success will be measured
  • Seek sponsorships – businesses, individual donations, funding organisations, other rotary clubs, District